It can be unbearable to deal with heel pain -- especially when you have an occupation that requires a lot of standing, walking or running. The more your heels rub up against your shoes, the worse the pain gets. Timmins heel pain treatment Dr. Patrick Rainville D.Ch. takes care of a lot of patients who come to him with this common foot-related issue. Luckily, there are helpful solutions available.

What Causes Heel Pain?

Heel pain is commonly associated with heel spurs, which is often related to plantar fasciitis. Pain from heel spurs is caused by a calcium deposit that forms on the heel bone that shouldn’t be there. Every time you step down on your foot your feel the unwanted pressure from this calcium deposit. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot and is connected to the heel bone. Both of these issues are caused by one or more of the following habits or conditions: 
  • wearing uncomfortable shoes (especially high heels, which is why it’s more common in women)
  • being overweight
  • flat feet
  • spend a lot of time on your feet for work or walking
  • strenuous exercise (particularly while wearing sneakers that don’t provide adequate support)

Heel Pain Treatment in Timmins

One of the most commonly recommended treatments for heel pain is to get a custom orthotic device created by your chiropodist. An orthotic is an insert that goes in your shoes to help correct your arch and provides a comfortable base for walking, exercising and working. Special exercises for the foot are often prescribed as well. The doctor can help relieve the pain with anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections.

No More Pain -- Get Help from Dr. Rainville

For a qualified Chiropodist Timmins ON residents can count on Dr. Patrick Rainville to help them with their heel pain problems. Visit and click the “Appointment Request” button or call (705) 268-3338 to get scheduled in for an initial consult as soon as possible.