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As registered member of the College of Chiropodist of Ontario we are bound to very stringent advertising guidelines. 

HOW ADVERTISING/ADVERTISEMENT IS DEFINED The College has adopted the following definition of advertising: "any written, oral, visual or electronic communication whose purpose or effect includes promoting the member's practice." Advertising includes paid announcements over radio or television, in newspapers, magazines and other print or electronic media. Specifically, advertising may also include, but is not limited to: Newspaper articles Signs Interviews Advertorials Newsletters Infomercials Brochures Promotional materials placed on the Internet Business cards All telephone listings All types of advertising, regardless of the medium, must comply with regulation 203/94, Part II, Advertising, as amended under the Chiropody Act, 1991.

Rainville Health is bound and will not do the following in it's advertising:

WE WILL INSURE • The public interest will be served by ensuring that the public gets accurate and understandable information so that they can make an informed choice.

WE WILL USE• Advertising to focus solely on providing truthful information and will not stimulate a demand for unnecessary health care services.

WE WIL NOT USE• Advertising to exploit the relationship of trust between patient and practitioner.

WE WILL USE• Advertising in consideration and be sensitive to the often vulnerable status of patients.

WE WILL NOT USE• Persuasive advertising.  This practice is professionally divisive and ethically unconscionable and induces vulnerable members of society to invest in health ventures that may have little social benefit.