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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.

New Patient Forms

This page provides you with practical information about our practice. It includes descriptions of our office locations, including a map and directions, hours, appointment scheduling, insurance acceptance and billing policies.

First Visit: 

Your first visit to Rainville Health establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information like your medical history, and give you time to get to know your practitioner. To understand what to expect for your first visit to our practice, please read through this page. You'll find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment policies and more. There's also background information about our committed staff and our first visit procedures.

Who We Are:

Our clinic has been healing our communities feet since 1997. Shortly after graduating from the Ontario Chiropody Program, owners Tina and Patrick Rainville started a podiatric practice in Timmins. We have grown to several locations and continue to grow year after year mainly through word of mouth. 

Patient Health History Form:

It is necessary to fill out a medical intake form and sign a consent form to become a client at our clinic. Click the button to register as a patient and receive the intake form in your email.

If you having difficulties email our clinic at or call 705-268-3338 to arrange an initial consultation.


What to expect:

Being well-prepared for your appointment will ensure that your provider has all of the needed information to provide the best possible care for you. It also will help relieve any unnecessary anxiety you may be feeling. Educate yourself on your symptoms by reviewing the content on this website. Also, take some time to review our staff page and familiarize yourself with the providers. We look forward to your first visit.

Specialty Clinics: 

  • Complete Foot Care 
  • Biomechanical Exam / Orthosis prescribing
  • Device Fittings, Footwear (**Sizing/Fitting Consultation**) 
  • Pain Management Clinic

Clients are seen by scheduled appointments. Our reception staff will call and remind you of your appointment by telephone on the prior business day. If you are an existing client and have given us your email, we will send you an email reminder a few days prior to your appointment.

At Rainville, all staff gets a shoe fitting certification that makes them competent for fitting footwear. A Chiropodist is always onsite to assist with the fitting if needed. For complex fitting situations, we will book you an appointment with a fitting specialist so you get the personal attention you require.

Please note that all missed or canceled appointments without 24-hour notice are subject to a visit charge.


Our office accepts a variety of government and third party health plans. Please call our office to verify acceptance of your insurance carrier.

Accepted Direct Billing Insurance Carriers

  • WSIB
  • NIHB
  • DVA
  • Third Party Insurers

Direct billing is available to patients registered with The Department of Veterans Affairs, Non Insured Health Benefits, Workplace Safety Insurance Board and automobile accident insurers. Prior approval is mandatory for any direct billing. If you require additional information or documentation for your insurance claim, please contact our office and we will glad to assist you.

Extended Health Insurance

Although Chiropody services are not OHIP funded, many extended health insurance plans reimburse our fees. Patients are advised to consult your insurance carrier regarding your coverage and reimbursement prior to your appointment. If you are unsure of what type of information is required, please contact our office and we will be happy to help you.

Privacy Policy

A full version of the Privacy Policy statement is available at the following link: Privacy Policy

Rainville Health will use and disclose your health information for the following purposes: to treat you, to assist other health providers in treating you, to allow insurance companies to process insurance claims for services rendered to you, to obtain payment for services rendered to you and for certain limited operational activities, such as quality assessment, licencing, accreditation, and training of students. As stated in more detail in the Privacy Policy, we do not use or disclose your health information without your written authorization. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding our privacy practice, please refer to the Privacy Policy statement for the person to contact. 

Financial Policy:

A complete financial policy is available at the following link: Financial Policy

Our fees are posted at the reception desk. We want our patients to understand the fees involved prior to consenting to any management plan. Our fee schedule is based on the guidelines set by our professional association. For your convenience, we accept cash, cheques and debit, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payment is due when the service is rendered.

Cancellation, Late, No Show, Rebooking Policy: 

Cancellation, Late, No Show Rebooking Policy
We understand how life can be difficult, and getting to your appointment can be a challenge. This is why we have introduced technology to help you remember.  Email, texting and personal telephone calls prior to your appointment date.   

Our Vision: To provide the knowledge and the tools to make people feel better. 

Quality Care: The providers at our clinic promote foot health by creating personalized medical foot health treatment plans.

Health History Forms: Our office will be emailing you a link to all the forms required for your initial visit.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Computerized Gait Analysis: (barefoot pressure analysis, in shoe pressure measurement)
  • Onsite orthotic manufacturing and footwear modification lab 
  • Yag 1064 Laser for nail fungus and wart clearing 
  • Photo & Laser therapy for pain
  • Orthopedic footwear department in Timmins location