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New Patient Booking

Thank You for choosing Rainville Foot Health as your foot health provider.

We have developed a new and safe solution to schedule your new assessment and be seen as quickly as possible!

New patients can now have their initial meeting with our foot health experts by telephone or Online video consultation. It is the fastest way to access treatment and decrease the time you need to be in the clinic. This is a great system for patients and especially out-of-towners to help keep you safe by staying home and having your foot health consultation appointment at the same time. During your online or telephone consultation; one of our Chiropodists will go through all of your foot health concerns with you and develop a treatment plan in order to start resolving your foot health concerns right away. After your online/telephone consultation you will be scheduled into the clinic for the physical treatment of your foot condition if and when required. 

Follow this link to book: CLICK HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Thank You for choosing Rainville Foot Health as your foot health provider.

  • Once you have a reservation, you will receive a save the date email with instructions for your video appointment. During the video consultation, one of our Chiropodists will begin your foot health management plan with you and then arrange a follow-up time for in-office hands-on treatment when required. 

  • If you need assistance to schedule your consultation, please send us an email at with a brief description of your foot health issues. We will contact you to handle your request as soon as possible.