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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.





When you have your online session, we will schedule the treatment part of your plan if you need an in-office treatment or examination. During the session, the chiropodist will ask you questions about your health and visually assess your feet to figure out what you need. Make sure you set aside time for the appointment.


  • You should have the footwear normally used when experience the symptoms. 
  • A clear view of the toe nail bed. 

Let's familiarize ourselves with how we manage our appointments.

We offer a comprehensive two-appointment system

1: Initial Consultation and 2: In Office Treatment

Our success is based on our four-step plan designed to expedite your recovery and help you feel better. 

Step 1. Understanding Your Problem: Our Chiropodist will listen, ask questions, and check your feet to identify the problem accurately.

Step 2. Your Own Treatment Plan: After understanding the issue, the Chiropodist will create a unique plan for you. This plan helps us address your problem in the best and quickest way. We move to treatment once we make sure you understand and agree to the treatment discussed. 


Step 3. We're With You All The Way: Our Patient Representative is there for you during the treatment journey.  With regular check-ins during every phases your treatment plan. We monitor your progress and might adjust your plan if needed. Will make sure you don’t fall through the health care crack.

Step 4. Empowering You to be a Life Long Ideal Patient: We're here to make you feel better! And it's even better if we can give you knowledge about your foot health so you can recover faster and stay better for longer. How do we do this? We have detailed discussions, create a plan just for you, and encourage you to join our patient Facebook community, attend webinars, and read our newsletter. Our goal is to give you the best possible experience as a patient, and together we can achieve optimal foot health and long-term satisfaction.

NOTE: IN OFFICE treatment planning session are not designed for physical treatment of the condition.  A separate appointment is typically booked for foot treatment if required.  

Punctuality is appreciated as it ensures smooth clinic operations. For a timely start to your foot health journey, we need your full cooperation.