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Visiting Rainville

Welcome to Rainville Foot Health! Whether you're a new or returning patient, we're happy to treat all of your foot care needs.

Follow our 3 easy steps to get you on the path to happier, healthier feet!



Step 1: Register

To get started, we ask that all new patients requiring medical foot care at Rainville Foot Health register as a patient.




For new patients, please click on the button below to fill out the New Patient Registration Form including the Biomechanical Assessment and Footcare Intake Forms.  


Step 2: Appointment Booking!

All new patients are required to have a VIDEO or TELEPHONE consultation before attending the clinic for in-office treatment.  

By this step the intake form registration must be completed. Our team will contact you to set up the appointment and make arrangements for payment. A video link or teleconference details will be provided for the consultation portion of the assessment a few days before the appointment.

Step 3: Virtual or Telephone Consultation!

Your initial foot care consultation will be scheduled with a Chiropodist. You will discuss questions related to your health and perform a complete lower extremity assessment to determine your needs.

Based on your assessment they will discuss a treatment and/or management plan with you. This may include either foot care treatment or schedule an orthotic consultation with a Pedorthist.


You may enter the property off Riverside or and park in the front lot or the park in the back lot. People may find entering from Chestnut lane to be easier with less traffic to deal with, but will have to park in the back lot due to the one way flow of the traffic. We request people exit out the back lot on Chestnut lane. This will give you access to the traffic lights on Joseph street. 


Yellow = General Parking
Blue = Handicap Parking
Red Arrow over Purple = Traffic Flow


Arrival in the Office

  • You may be registered for automated arrival texting. If so you will receive instructions 30 minutes before you arrive. If you have not received any instructions by the time you arrive, please call the front desk and they will call you right back with instructions. 
  • Covid Screening must be performed before you enter

Documentation (History, Consent, Policies) 

The reception staff will ensure that your documentation is completed before seeing the providers. You must arrive before your appointment. 

  • It is preferred that you complete your intake forms at home. The reception team will send you a link for filling out the forms with the email you provide. 
  • If you are unable to fill out the forms at home we will provide an tablet for you to use when you arrive. 
  • You will be seen once your documentation is completed and signed. 

1st Visit Includes Treatment

During your booking arrangements our receptionists would have asked you questions that would lead them to book you in the proper clinical department.

If you were deemed to be in the Foot Care Department

  • Appointments are booked for up 45 min.
  • Billing is the same for all initial foot care visits regardless of the condition.

If you are deemed to be in the Biomechanical Department

  • Appointment are booked for up to 1 hour.
  • Billing is the same for all initial biomechanical appointment.

The provider assigned to your care will come and get you. They will introduce themselves and escort you to the clinical area. You will be asked to sit in the treatment chair with your socks removed. The clinician will talk to you before they start any sort of exam or treatment. A management plan will be created, if not already done so with a video consultation, followed by the in-office physical examination and treatment. In the unlikely event that you are not comfortable or wish to discontinue treatment for whatever reason. Your signed consent could be withdrawn at any time and the practitioner will stop what they are doing. This is your right as a patient.

A level of care will be assigned according to your management plan which determines the provider who treat your condition, the time needed to provide the treatment and the price of your next visit. 

Foot Care Assignment for Return Visit  

A level of care must be assigned. Everyone has a different level of care required. So depending on your condition you will be placed in the proper level of care.

Level 1: This client does not have insurance and has basic foot care needs. This client would only see the nurse during the visit.

Level 2: This client has insurance and has basic foot care needs. The care for this client would be performed by the nurse and would be checked by the Chiropodist.

Level 3: The foot care is advanced and is mostly performed by the nurse but must be completed by the Chiropodist. 

Level 4: This level of care could only be performed by a Chiropodist.

We are confident that your experience will be pleasant and you will leave mobile and feeling better. 


Concluding the Visit

The treatment, management plan has been explained and excepted if a return appointment is required your provider will book it with you. Your billing slip will be given to you so that you could bring it to the reception desk.

Charting and Referrals

Comprehensive charting of your visit will be documented in our secure electronic medical system. If your doctor referred you they will get a report of your visit. You may also refer your friends and family now that you have experienced our unique way of providing foot care services. 

Office cleaning and instrument sterilization is always performed as per our College regulations.