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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.

About Rainville Health

 At Rainville Health, we believe that the foundation of an active lifestyle starts from the feet up. We have created a unique clinic to provide foot care, footwear, orthotics to make all people mobile and feel better. So say goodbye to painville and say hello to Rainville Health.


What Makes Us Different:

Our model of care has been in development since 1997. Our policies and procedures are robust and continuously revised to exceed current standards of care in the industry. 

Our team of inhouse foot health providers, along with our relationships with local allied health care providers, make us different. We don't pretend we know everything. The Rainville's come from a background of problem-based learning. If they don't know the answer to a question or the medical case is beyond their knowledge base, they will find out or refer the patient to the best team possible. 

Clients do not need to have a referral from their doctor to see us.

A Chiropodist can assess and write prescriptions that are accepted by insurance companies for Orthotics and Drugs.

Surgical treatment for skin and nail issues are available in the clinic.   


We have combined complete foot care services and orthotic assessment, prescribing and manufacturing on-site.

Our registered Chiropodist are governed by the Regulated Health Professions Act 1991 through the College of Chiropodist. The responsibility of a College is to protect the public and ensure that the standards of practice legislated by the Ontario Ministry of Health are followed. 

All health care providers are members of their professional associations. The responsibility of the association is to provide continuing education for their members and lobby the government for change. Some associations create public campaigns to educate the public about the profession.  



Rainville Foot Health advises the public to ensure they understand the difference between the College regulated professions and association led professions that guide their members. Some foot care associations located outside Ontario's jurisdiction call themselves "The College of --------" and practice orthotic or foot care services by acquiring MD referrals to be covered by 3rd party insurance. Unfortunately, the association led professions are not govern by the Ministry of Health of Ontario and will not protect you "the public" from any harm done by the health care provider. The onus is on the public to do their research and ensure that their foot health provider is governed, insured and practicing in an ethical manner. 


Where do WE come from?

The concept of Rainville Health was started in 1997 by current CEO Patrick Rainville. Read Patrick's bio on the staff page.

Employment Opportunities


We invite you to email your resume to:

" I joined Rainville Health because of the family like atmosphere and the fact that they offered a large range of services. I truly enjoy seeing patients having a good experience and being pain free."

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