This page is a health care providers resource center.

We want you to ask questions, make suggestions, order educational materials for your clients.

Ask a Foot Care Expert: Patrick Rainville CEO, D.Ch,  I will be happy to answer your questions.


We need referals to exist and would be glad to enter with a joint care relationship with our clients. If you do not have referral pads or business cards and would like some, click and tell us how many providers are in your office. 

Preferred Provider List:

Our philosophy is that the foundation to an active lifestyle begins from the feet up. As a result, this means having health providers on your team that are competent and you trust in getting the job done. The following are links to providers we have developped a relationship with and would refer our clients and family menbers for treatment.

Join Us For The Day Program:

We encourage any health care provider who is interested in our service facility to come and join us for the day.

Lunch and Learn:

We would be happy to buy you and your staff lunch while we educate you on the topic of your choice related to our service facility.

Patient Education:

We will supply your office with free literature related to our services.


We offer clinical nursing foot care training.  You will get the hours required to safely practice the basic and advance footcare skills needed. Gain the knowledge know what to treat and what to refer out.