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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.

Office Financial Policy

Office and Payment Rules

Using Your Work Benefits

Good news! Most work benefit insurance plans cover chiropody services. However, it's up to you to know the ins and outs of your own plan. Make sure to check what's covered and what you can get reimbursed for when it comes to chiropody services and products.

How We Can Help

Our team can help you by giving you all the paperwork your insurance provider needs.

Our Promise to Keep Things Straight

We run a tight ship here, following all the rules to make sure everything is above board. That means we can't change any insurance information to help with reimbursements. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

How Much Will It Cost?

Wondering about the cost?

We've got all the details for you right here!

Finding Out the Cost

You can find our full list of fees at our front desk or in any treatment room. We keep it private, so it's not on our website.

When it Changes

Every year on April 1st, we update our prices to match the changes in the economy, based on the official Canadian guide to price changes.

Understanding Chiropody Service Fees

How we decide:

We follow the pricing guide from our provincial and federal associations to set our fees.

When you'll know:

We'll talk about the exact cost of products and services during your treatment planning meeting.

Booking Your Visit


You do not need to prepay, we trust that you share our core values of trustworthiness and integrity when book your visit.

We ask for payment ahead of time when a patient has broken our trust by not showing up to an appointment they initiated more than once. This makes sure your spot is saved just for you. 

Exact Amount: Contact the front desk for more information.

Payment Options: There are options for everyone! We accept e-transfer, debit, credit, and cash at the front desk.



If something comes up, no worries! We understand. You can cancel up to 2 business days before your visit without a penalty. Just let us know why you need to cancel.


When to pay: After your visit, we ask for payment right away.

How to pay: We accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Missed visits:

If you can't make it and don't let us know at least 48 business hours before, there will be a $50 fee. If you miss your visit without cancelling, the prepayment cannot be returned.

Reminders: We'll remind you about your visit through an automated email, text, or phone call. You can cancel by email or phone if needed.


We're here to help you every step of the way. Feel free to ask us any questions!