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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.


We are interested in helping people find shoes that are comfortable and fit their foot related condition. Proper fitting and Orthopaedic Footwear are essential just like good tires on a car. As a medical foot clinic we want people to love what they wear on their feet along with being mobile and feel better. 

3rd Party Insurance and Footwear?

Your insurance may cover your footwear. 

There are three types of footwear offered in the medical foot care industry. 


We recommend getting a predetermination for your insurance company if you want to get reimbursed for your footwear. 

If your shoe is purchased only because the insurance company will pay for the footwear? PLEASE find a provider that will accommodate that request. We honestly do want this type of clientele in our clinic. Our purpose is to help people get mobile and feel better. Before this process is started we will go over the order form and have you agree and attest to the ordering and financial policy before the footwear is ordered.  

What Makes Us Different Than A Shoe Store?

All staff is shoe fit certified.
We can fit the shoe to match your medical foot condition
All insurance paperwork is provided for qualifying clients.
We modify footwear on site.

How To Care For Your Footwear?

Did you know your feet can sweat up to two cups a day? The sweat is full of germs that break down and smell. We wash our bodies and clothing daily!  But we never wash our shoes.
Use this SteriShoe UV light device one a week to sanitize your footwear.

Our Fit Guaranty

We guaranty the fit of our footwear when they are fitted by one of our certified shoes fitter. This means if an fitting error was made for any reason, we will exchange the footwear to a proper fitting shoe. However, clients who want to return a shoe purchased off the shelf or on sale may qualify for a return of the merchandise for an in store credit. The credit will be issued on an individual basis after evaluating the situation. Special order footwear will have a restocking charge.  

Special Orders

Our special order service was created to help those find footwear for people who have difficulty finding properly fitting footwear off the shelf. This service requires a certified shoe fitter that can find the perfect footwear for the clients condition. Payment must be paid ahead of ordering the merchandise. The footwear industry operates on pre-ordering stock many months before the season the footwear will be worn. When an individual shoe is ordered by a clinic to the wear-house, the stock may not be available. Some companies have wear houses in Canada, USA or Overseas. As a result, shipping may take weeks even if the merchandise is in stock. We track orders on a weekly basis and inform the client on any development in the order placed. When the footwear arrives you will be called for a fitting appointment. If the footwear fits the footwear order is signed off as complete.

If the footwear does not fit, another shoe will be ordered according to our fit guaranty. When footwear is returned to our store they rarely can be returned to the warehouse. The warehouse either does not accept return or the cost of restocking is very prohibitive. As a result, the company ordering the footwear is left with dead single stock that will be very difficult or impossible to sell. This dead stock can only be sold a a steep discount well below cost.