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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.

Foot Care

Complete Foot Care services in Timmins  


  • We have RPN and Chiropodists performing your foot care.  
  • Clients and providers are matched by level of complexity 
  • Price of the service is directly related to the difficulty of care provided. 
  • Most insurance companies covers the foot care service.
  • Get appointments fast. Often on the same day.

    Who Are The Providers

    Our junior and senior nurses are trained in advanced nursing foot care. The nurse will perform the foot care to the level of nurses training. When conditions are beyond the scope of practice of a nurse then a Chiropodist with complete the treatment. 

    What makes our service unique is that you pay for the treatment time you need. So if you have simple nail care and only need nursing services you pay the lowest price. If you have complex high-risk foot care you pay according to the care needed.  

    The nurse and the chiropodist work together to help you get mobile and feel better. 

    Rainville Foot Health is proud to be a clinical teaching site for the Michener Institute. Student Chiropodist in their final year of training may be involved in your care.