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Treat Fungal Nails in 5 Steps

Posted by Patrick Rainville on
Treat Fungal Nails in 5 Steps

5 Steps for Treating Fungal Nails Just in Time for Summer

Are your toenails ready for summer? If not, now is the time to take charge of your feet so that you are ready to show off those toes! Our chiropodist in Timmins, ON is available to provide you with the top 5 steps for treating fungal nails. While you may still be sporting your closed toed shoes, it doesn’t mean you have to let embarrassing fungal nails go untreated. Visit our office in Timmins for fungal nail treatments and suggestions. Let’s take a look at 5 simple steps you can take now to treat your fungal nails before the summer season begins. 
  1. Wash Your Feet – proper hygiene is essential when it comes to ensuring your toes are healthy. Remember to wash your feet with soap and water daily, while also drying thoroughly. Fungal infections thrive in dark damp areas, so if you forget to dry your feet thoroughly, you may risk an infection.
  2. Wear Shower Shoes – when in public areas it is important to wear shoes, especially when at a public pool or shower. As stated before, fungus thrives in dark damp places and can be easily spread from person to person, as it is highly contagious. Take charge of your foot health and wear shower shoes in public areas.
  3. Change Your Shoes and Socks – you may not have thought of this, but changing your shoes, socks or hosiery more than once a day can help to further protect your feet. Throughout the day our feet sweat and with that moisture, fungal nails can develop. Try to change your shoes or socks at least once a day for better protection.
  4. Disinfect Home Pedicure Tools – even if you do not share your home pedicure tools, it is still important to disinfect. Sometimes you can have a fungal infection, but may not realize it. Plus, it is important to be safe rather than sorry. Disinfect your home pedicure tools and any instruments used to cut your nails.
  5. Don’t Apply Polish to Nails with Infection – just as you should disinfect, it is also important not to apply polish to an infected nail or a nail that you suspect might have an infection. By applying polish, you are transferring the infection to the brush and holding it into the nail. A simple rule of thumb: if it is discolored, do not polish your nails, but visit our Timmins, ON chiropodist immediately for proper treatment.
At Rainville Health, we want to help you maintain healthy, happy feet and toes. Just because summer is still a couple months away, it doesn’t mean you should put up with fungal nails in Timmins. Let us help you eliminate embarrassing toenail fungus before you have to worry about showing off your feet.

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