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How To Prevent Blisters

Posted by Patrick Rainville on
How To Prevent Blisters

Whether you enjoy running, you love the look of high heels or you just want to be comfortable in your shoes, the last thing you want to deal with on your feet is blisters. Painful, gross and inconvenient, blisters can be a surefire way to require a trip to your Timmins, ON chiropodist at Rainville Health - unless you take steps to prevent them that is. Here are five tips for preventing blisters that will keep your feet looking and feeling great.

1. Choose Shoes that Fit Properly

Ill-fitting shoes are one very common reason why chiropodists in Timmins, ON treat patients for blisters. Whether your shoes are too small or too large, if they don't fit properly, they will rub against your feet, and this rubbing is likely to cause blisters. Be aware that your feet may be two different sizes and that your feet change sizes throughout the day, and see a professional if you need help sizing your shoes correctly.

2. Use Powders and Creams to Prevent Friction

If your shoes fit properly and you're still experiencing a lot of friction, another great choice is to use a powder or cream specifically designed to reduce friction and prevent blisters. These powders and creams can be found anywhere where sports equipment is sold, and you can always ask your Timmins, ON chiropodist at Rainville Health for a recommendation.

3. Choose Moisture-Wicking Socks

While cotton socks are comfortable, if you sweat in them, the socks will absorb the sweat and hold it against your feet. A much better option is nylon or special moisture-wicking socks, which will draw the sweat away. These socks aren't as expensive as they sound, and you can find them pretty much anywhere socks are sold.

4. Wear Bandages Over Problem Areas

If you know that your feet are constantly rubbing against one part of your shoe, prevent the friction by taping or bandaging the area. The extra layer will help your socks and shoes glide over your foot smoothly without putting your feet at risk for blisters.

5. Stay Properly Hydrated

A lesser known way of preventing blisters, staying hydrated is important as well. Drink too much or too little water and your feet are likely to swell, causing additional friction in your shoes. Drink the right amount, however, and your smaller feet will have a better chance of remaining blister-free.

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While these five tips should go a long ways to preventing blisters, if you find that you still have blisters frequently, you may want to see a specialist. Visit a Rainville Health chiropodist in Timmins for the advice and treatment options you need, and finally get rid of those annoying and painful blisters once and for all.

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