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How To Get Bunion Relief

Posted by Patrick Rainville on
How To Get Bunion Relief

Follow these different options for reducing your painful bunion symptoms.

A bunion is a condition in which a bony protrusion forms on the joint at the base on the big toe. This hard bump can continue to get worse over the years and become large, red, stiff and painful. Severe bunions can even make it difficult to walk without pain.

This bump signifies that there are actual changes being made to the overall structure of your foot, which is causing this uncomfortable deformity. As a result, the big toe begins to lean inward on the rest of the toes, which throws your foot out of alignment.

Bunion Causes

Bunions are typically the result of poor foot structure or an inherited deformity. However, there are also certain foot types (e.g., flat feet) that can put people at risk for developing bunions.

You may have heard that tight shoes are often to blame for this painful condition; this isn’t exactly true. However, wearing tight, poorly fitted and high-heeled shoes can exacerbate bunion symptoms.

Bunion Treatment

Sometimes if the bunion is still in its early stages, symptoms can be treated with minor, non-invasive measures. The most common types of treatments include,

  • Changing footwear to give your bunion more room and to reduce friction
  • Using padded inserts to reduce pressure and rubbing while wearing shoes
  • Reducing activities that put pressure on the bunion and cause pain
  • Taking over-the-counter pain medications and anti-inflammatories to reduce stiffness, discomfort and swelling
  • Wearing orthotics to provide additional support for feet and ankles to make movement easier

If these non-surgical treatments don’t reduce your bunion symptoms, then your Timmins podiatrist will discuss your surgical options. Surgery is the only way to actually get rid of your bunion. However, you will need to stay off your feet for several weeks after surgery, so be prepared to take time off if you opt for surgical treatment.

If you are suffering from bunions and you’re tired of dealing with pain and stiffness every time you move, then it’s time to find out what kinds of bunion treatment options are available in Timmins. Contact your podiatrist at Rainville Health to schedule an appointment today and get one step closer to a pain-free lifestyle.

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