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We help patients who suffer from foot problem feel better.

Arrival Expectation to Rainville Foot Health | All You Need to Know


Timmins: 1086 Riverside Drive. Timmins, Ontario. P4R 1A2.   

Google Maps Location:

The physical location of the building is in the main Highway going through Timmins. 

Owen Sound: 945 3rd Ave East, Unit 216, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 2K8

Google Maps Location:

Our office location is in the professional building.  We recently moved from the first floor to the second floor. There is an elevator but it's slow.  The stairs are faster if you can climb two flights of stairs. Regardless of the way you get upstairs, head towards the MPAC office and turn right down the hall. Were located on the right two doors down from the administration office.   

Hanover: 464 10th Street Unit A, Hanover, Ontario, N4N1P5:

Google Maps Location:

The clinic in Hanover is on the main street of highway going through town. If your heading east the building is on the left and if your heading west, you will be turning right. The entrance is on a side entrance.  The front of the building has a Subway and a Corner Store. 


Parking Lot for Timmins:

Rainville Health Building in Timmins

Looking for the easiest way to get to property? You have two options: You can enter off Riverside and park in the front lot, or you can enter off Chestnut Lane for less traffic but have to park in the back lot. Just remember to exit out the back lot onto Chestnut Lane, which will give you access to the traffic lights on Joseph Street.


Rainville Health Traffic Flow


Yellow = General Parking
Blue = Handicap Parking
Red Arrow over Purple = Traffic Flow

Arrival in the Office

  • Enter the office 5-10 minutes before your appointment. 


  • Register with the front desk with a Receptionist
Front Desk Rainville Foot Health



  • Checking -in Kiosk via you Ontario Health Card. (note we only use the card as a unique identifier and not for billing purpose)


 Check in Kiosk at Rainville Foot health


The reception staff or the kiosk will ensure that your documentation is completed before seeing the providers.