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We help patients who suffer from foot problems feel better.

The Visit Process


By this Stage:

Your forms have been filled out and confirmed for accuracy.

You have checked in at the front desk.

You are in the waiting room waiting for treatment.




    Get ready to be taken care of by our clinical staff. They'll personally introduce themselves and guide you to the clinical area.

    Depending on the situation, you'll either be directed to the initial consult room for a discussion about your management plan, or to the treatment room where you'll be asked to sit in the treatment chair and remove your socks in preparation for your treatment.

    Rest assured, you're in good hands and we'll make sure you're comfortable throughout your visit.

    Treatment Visit 

    Foot Care Department

    • Get treated by a Chiropodist or Foot Care Nurse following the expert guidance provided by the Chiropodist. The person administering your treatment is simply carrying out the instructions given by the Chiropodist who formulated the treatment plan with you with expertise.

    How To Prepare for You Foot Care Visit:

    • Wash your feet the morning of the appointment
    • Bring the footwear you wear in the house and outside
    • Wear comfortable clothing
    • If you are having surgery, bring open toed slippers

    Biomechanical Department

    It's no secret that getting a foot health check up is important, but did you know that a proper mechanical foot examination should include not only a foot health check, but also a biomechanical examination? This comprehensive evaluation focuses on the external appearance of hair, skin and nails, your circulation, and nerves of your feet before we look at the function and mechanics involved in walking, running, and other activities. By looking at everything from your gait to your range of motion, a biomechanical examination can help identify the current issue and other potential issues before they become bigger problems.

    A level of care will be assigned according to your management plan which determines the provider who treat your condition, the time needed to provide the treatment and the price of your next visit. 

     How To Prepare for You Biomechanical Visit:

    • Wash your feet the morning of the appointment
    • Bring the footwear you wear in the house and outside
    • Wear comfortable clothing
    • Bring your old orthotic devices or custom footwear if applicable

    Reaching Treatment Goals

    The management plan will keep going until the goals are achieved. Your plan can either have a specific end date or be ongoing, depending on your current situation. This is why creating a plan is crucial in the first place.

    Medical Grade Clean

    Our College regulations ensure that office cleaning and instrument sterilization are always carried out. Our equipment is regularly certified and undergoes checks and balances to ensure it is sterilized for use on patients. Rest assured, your experience will be pleasant and you will leave feeling better.


    Your receipt for the visit will include the license number of the Chiropodist who designed your personalized plan or treated your condition on that day.

    Your Next Appointment

    If you need to schedule another appointment, your provider will inform you and assist you in making the next visit. The reception desk will handle the paperwork and provide you with receipts for your insurance reimbursement.

    Charting and Referrals

    When you come for your appointment, we will carefully record your visit using PEPEDA and the regulations set by the College of Chiropodists. All your information will be safely stored in our electronic medical system. If your doctor referred you, they will receive a report about your visit. If you are happy with our unique foot care services, feel free to recommend us to your friends and family.