Return Visit: a designated period of time between a provider and a patient to have a consultation, assessment, formulation of treatment plan. 

 Return Visit Clients: an active patient who has been assigned and is following a management plan. 


You may enter the property off Riverside or and park in the front lot or the park in the back lot. People may find entering from Chestnut lane to be easier with less traffic to deal with.  We request people exit out the back lot on Chestnut lane.  This will give you access to the traffic lights on Joseph street. 

Rainville Health Parking

Rainville Health Traffic Flow


Yellow = General Parking
Blue = Handicap Parking
Red Arrow over Purple = Traffic Flow

Arrival in the Office

Reception at Rainville Foot Health

Documentation (History, Consent, Policies): 

The reception staff will ensure that your documentation is completed before seeing the providers. You must arrive before your appointment. 

No clients will be treated without the paperwork being completed and signed. 

Enjoy sitting in our waiting room and enjoy a complementary coffee or water.  Feel free to walk around and browse around for footwear or other foot care products.

Waiting Room

Return Visit Includes Treatment

During your last appointment you assigned a level of care if foot care was performed. This level determines is determined by your management plan.  The provider who treated your condition took into consideration the following:

A level of care was assigned and you were booked with the appropriate skilled provided for the appropriate amount of time and assigned the level of care that you have at that visit.  Time allotted for appointments and billing is charged in accordance to the level of care within a specific individualized  management plan.  

Foot Care Assignment for Return Visit:  

Level 1: This client does not have insurance and has basic foot care needs.  This client would only see the nurse during the visit. 

Level 2: This client has insurance and has basic foot care needs.  The care for this client would be performed by the nurse and would be checked by the Chiropodist. 

Level 3: The foot care is advanced and is mostly performed by the nurse but must be completed by the Chiropodist.  

Level 4: This level of care could only be performed by a Chiropodist.

booking arrangements our receptionists would have asked you questions that would lead them to book you in the proper clinical department.

If you were deemed to be in the Foot Care Department

If you are deemed to be in the Biomechanical Department

The provider assigned to your care will come and get you.  They will introduce themselves and escort you to the clinical area.  You will be asked to sit in the treatment chair with your socks removed.  The clinician will talk to you before they start any sort of exam or treatment. A management plan will be created with your input and the examination and treatment will begin. In the unlikely event that you are not comfortable or wish to discontinue treatment for what ever reason. Your signed consent could be withdrawn at any time and the practitioner will stop what they are doing. This is your right as a patient.


We are confident that your experience will be pleasant and you will leave mobile and felling better. 

Foot Care Treatment

Concluding the Visit

The treatment, management plan has been explained and excepted  If a return appointment is required your provider will book it with you. Your billing slip will be given to you so that you could bring it to the reception desk.

Charting and Referrals

Comprehensive charting of your visit will be documented in our secure electronic medical system. If your doctor referred you they will get a report of your visit.  You may also refer your friends and family now that you have experienced our unique way of providing foot care services.