PLEASE NOTE: If this is an emergency to go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Clients are welcome to be seen at our facility for a 99 cent / 10 min triage with one of the staff nurses.  There will NOT be any treatment of your condition at the triage appointment.  Once triaged you will be placed into one of our specialty foot care or biomechanical clinics.

Biomechanical assessment clinic:

Foot Care:

Level 1: This client does not have insurance and has basic foot care needs.  This client would only see the nurse during the visit.

Level 2: This client has insurance and has basic foot care needs.  The care for this client would be performed by the nurse and would be checked by the Chiropodist. This visit is booked for 20 min.

Level 3: The foot care is advanced and is mostly performed by the nurse but must be completed by the Chiropodist.  This visit is booked for 30 min.

Level 4: This level of care could only be performed by a Chiropodist within 20 min.

Level 5: This is the same as level 4 but with extended time to 30 min.

Technology Clinics:

Our clinic has the latest technology to treat your condition and pain.  

It is our goal to bring every client to the level of care that is suitable for their condition.  A client may fluctuate within the levels, depending on the progression or the improvement of their condition.  Your practitioner will assess this at each clinical visit.